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Malaysia home-grown beauty online company that sells authorized beauty products from different countries.

We Are Your Favourite Online Store.

Niubee is originated from an urban chinese word “牛逼” (niú ; which means sturdy, strong, and powerful. On top of that, a little twist of the word from ‘Bi’ to ‘Bee’ brings extra positivity into our business. With that being said, our company pretty much explains our aim to be a one-stop beauty website to provide speedy and effective solution to our customers. 

As we strongly believe that taking good care of your skin should not be limited to females only; even males, kids, elderly deserve to have skin with good condition as well. 

We know that pigmentation matters… and we want to help them.
We know that having a dull skin makes someone look unhealthy… and we want to make it glow.
We know that sagging skin is bothering someone everyday… and we want to firm it up.
We know that acne scars are so common in the teenage years… we want to repair that.
We know that dry flaking skin is a common issue… we want to solve it.

There are tonnes of skin issues out there, and we just want to do our best to make everyone look healthier and happier.

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